Timothy (he/she/they) started his career in fashion at Harvard College where he founded a charity fashion show promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry; he also wrote his thesis about the importance of personal style and received a Magna Cum Laude for his work.

Over the past 15 years Timothy has worked in various parts of the fashion industry and gained a more holistic view of the system, which he realized empowers some people while exploiting others. These experiences and insights have informed the development of Reforme U, which is a new, remote educational platform on a mission to transform fashion from a system of exploitation to one of empowerment. Through short, accessible online courses, people will learn the truth about the fashion system and their role within it; and by educating people en masse, Reforme U aims to create a movement of personal empowerment and confidence that advances equitable, systemic change.

Timothy is not only the founder of Reforme U, but also a Board Member of Fashion Revolution USA and an Executive in Residence at The Fashioneering Lab. He also volunteers as a Board Member for the Seattle World School Fund, which provides financing and educational resources for refugees and immigrants in high school in the Seattle area. Most recently Timothy joined the planning committee for Harvard Reunions as the co-lead for the Inclusion Subcommittee, which is the 1st of its kind in Harvard’s history and is setting the groundwork for inclusion at all future Harvard Reunions.

Previously Timothy co-founded two educational non-profits for over 5000 diverse Harvard alumni around the world: Harvard Alumni for Fashion, Luxury, and Retail and Harvard Alumni for Climate and the Environment. Timothy has also been planning to start another educational non-profit at Harvard called Harvard Alumni in DEIBJ.

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