Courageous Conversations Catalyzing Change

Panel Leader: Dr. Fay Cobb Payton, Professor, IT/Analytics and University Faculty Scholar, North Carolina State University. Panelists: Lisa Gelobter, CEO & Founder, tEQuitable; Sheila Boyington, CEO, Thinking Media – Learning Blade and CAPS; Dr. Kai Two Feathers Orton,┬áComputational Scientist, Dartmouth College

Panel Leader: Dr. Reagan Flowers, Trustee, Houston Community College System, CEO, C-STEM Teacher and Student Support Services. Panelists: Danny Moore, President & Founder, DeNOVO Solutions; Dr. Steve Efe, Assistant Professor of Engineering, Morgan State University; Dr. Kamal Ali, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Jackson State University; Zania Bell, MBA candidate, Cyber Security, University of West Alabama; Steven Butler, CEO, BC Development

Panel Leader: Toi Massey, ME, Founder & CEO, ANM Innovative Solutions. Panelists: Michael Fleming, CEO, Compass Aim Global Management; Dr. Carolyn King, Founder, Reach Out to Youth; Melvin Stallings, Jr., President, Cyber Green Group; Dr. Arnel Cosey, President, NetworkED

Panel Leader: Toi Massey, President & CEO, ANM Innovative Solutions. Panelists: Tim Podkul, Director, Principal Research Scientist, SRI International; Lt. Col. Paul Deaderick (ret), Senior Project Leader, The Aerospace Corporation; Dr. Calvin Mackie, Founder & CEO, STEM NOLA; Clay Gloster, Dean of the Graduate College, North Carolina A&T State University; Christina Korp, CEO & Executive Producer, Purpose Entertainment