Why First Gen Students?

First Gen college students are more likely to take remedial courses during their first two years of higher education and twice as likely to drop out within 6 years. GlobalMindED pairs these dynamic students with outstanding mentors who provide valuable insight and opportunities for post-graduate success. These enduring relationships based on shared experiences, along with programs focused on academic persistence, networking, and workplace readiness provide critical skills and tools needed to succeed in academia and global marketplace.

Become a First Gen Student’s Faculty Advisor

All educators attending the GlobalMindED conference are encouraged to bring one or two First Gen students. When students and educators attend the conference together, both benefit by:

  • Creating lasting mentor and mentee relationships
  • Establishing GlobalMindED communities on campus
  • Collaborating on best practices

2024 First Gen Student Leadership Program

June 17-19, 2024

Denver, CO

"GlobalMindED inspired me to rise above labels and to become an individual who would exceed expectations." - Amelia Mawlawi, HP (Class of 2015)

"The GlobalMindED Conference expanded my network greatly, exposed me to numerous fields and ideas, and aided me in my journey to serve and help others."
- Hayley Kwasniewski, Americorps VISTA (Class of 2017)

"The GlobalMindED conference gave me the gift of confidence. I had the courage to go back to school and ask for what I needed. I found the large community of Hispanic engineers and was amazed by the resources available to students." - Carli Rodriguez (Class of 2018)

"I came to this country as a refugee in 2004 with a single mother who raised me in the Denver/Aurora area. I struggled with social anxiety in high school. Later, I attended the Community College of Denver (CCD), where I heard about GlobalMindED. After our first day of workshops, I connected with Adrian Rosado, Rocio Perez, and Dr. Melinda Cain. During our Intercultural competence training, Melinda saw my scores from the personality tests we took and said that she saw something special in me. She recognized a devoted leader and revolutionary within me, which is something I never acknowledged myself. Then, Rocio helped me realize that energy is essential and my thoughts are powerful. She helped me own my story and fill the room with confidence and charisma. Adrian helped me learn how to network and be a connector. Before this event, I held no titles or awards or positions. After the conference, I was elected President of the National Society of Leadership and Success serving 1000+ members at CCD. I was awarded the New Outstanding Student Award and was the only black male to receive the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) Rising Star Award that same year. Currently, I sit on the Colorado State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education. I chair the State Student Advisory Council representing over 137,000 students on the state and national level. I still talk to my friends from all over the world whom I met during the GlobalMindED conference. This experience gave me a different perspective on life and helped me tap into a version of myself I never knew existed. Everyone I met at the event aided me on my journey to success in a way unimaginable and unforgettable.."
- Emanuel Walker, Community College of Denver (Class of 2018)