Nominate an inclusive leader who exhibits one or more of the following characteristics. Our goal is for these qualities to become standard among leaders in the next decade so that a capable, diverse talent pipeline is not the exception, but the norm across industries and organizations.

  • Leaders making significant gains in recruiting, retaining, and promoting diverse talent
  • Leaders who are actively delivering Board diversity with women, people of color, LBGTQ, and ability status talent
  • Leaders who are moving the capital, the talent, and outcomes to disrupt traditional and outdated governing structures with those that are equitable to all populations
  • Leaders with a strategy to influence a diverse pipeline of emerging leaders through apprenticeships, internships, mentor programs, and financial support along the education to career pipeline
  • Leaders encouraging other leaders to take a stand through specific actions that open doors of opportunity for diverse and under-represented populations to the employment and entrepreneurial ranks
  • Leaders who have risked or sacrificed significantly to promote and provide equitable, fair, and just opportunities for populations without a voice
  • Leaders who demonstrate a generous, collaborative capacity to work with others who represent diversity thought from them and can effectively make change happen through and with them to reach common inclusive goals
  • Leaders who have elevated their organizations through their vision, inclusive outcomes, and setting and reaching of exceptional standards