Courageous Conversations Catalyzing Change

Panel Leader: Dr. Karen McNeil-Miller, CEO, Colorado Health Foundation. Panelists: Maia Sharpley, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Juvo Ventures; Janet Salazar, President & Executive Chairman, Foundation for the Support of the United Nations; Gloria Schoch, Executive Director, The VF Foundation; Isabelle Hau, Impact Education Funder, Education Development Center

Panel Leader: Oscar Sweeten-Lopez, President & Founder, GradSnapp. Panelists: Frank Fernandez, President & CEO, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta; Chantelle George, Founder, CG Consulting; Richard A. Brown, VP of Philanthropy, American Express; Clotilde Perez-Bode Dedecker, President & CEO, Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo; Jamie Van Leeuwen, Director of Public-Private Partnerships, Emerson Collective

Panel Leader: Erika Davies, Founder, Racial Equity Asset Lab. Panelists: Dr. Thane Kreiner, Board Member, Conservation X Labs; Janet Tran, Director of Learning and Leadership, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Foundation and Institute; Bernie Milano, Former President, KPMG Foundation and The PhD Project; Praful Shah, Director of Foundations & Funders, GlobalMindED

Panelists: Janet Salazar, President, Foundation for the Support of the UN; Matt Horton, Director, Milken Institute Center for Regional Economics; Dr. Lisa Roy, Director of Program Development, Buffett Early Childhood Institute, University of Nebraska; Toya Wall, Senior Program Officer, Ascendium Education Group; Luis Duarte, Partner, Imaginable Futures