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2021 Conference – Reboot Resilience: Rebound Remarkable

GlobalMindED is a 501(c)(3) closing the equity gap by creating a capable, diverse talent pipeline with programs, content and courses for students from the least resourced backgrounds through connections to role models, mentors, internships, experiences and jobs that make them employment worthy, promotion ready and financially fit to navigate a hierarchical world.  We serve low-income students, returning adults seeking badges/credentials, First Gen to college and inclusive leaders who teach them, work with them and hire them.

Delivering Employment-Capable Inclusive Leaders

Our annual conference is a vehicle for young, emerging leaders and those who work with them to meet the network of role models and mentors who can help them start a business, contribute to a mid-size business, lead a non-profit or re-invent a Fortune 500 Company.

We are the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion pipeline solution.

Role Models Exemplify Diversity of Thought:
Inclusive Leader Awards

There are many examples of inclusive leaders who dedicate time, money and energy to open doors for women, people of color and underrepresented populations. We build a network to recognize these extraordinarily generous leaders.

We showcase the best examples of courageous leadership.  

Experiences Build Diverse Leadership and Capacity Programs

Through Campus Collaboratives, First Gen Student Leadership Program, and Young Professional Leaders, we provide experiences for emerging leaders to connect, grow, and contribute beyond their comfort zone. 

We reveal the “hidden curriculum” and “career secrets” that create employment success, ensure promotion pathways and increase contributions on boards, public service and non-profits. 

Solving Wicked Problems Impacting
Low-Income Populations

None of us can solve problems by ourselves or from the inside only. We gather experts and outliers to assemble a diverse team so that we address blind spots with a 360° perspective for maximum outcomes.  Our cross-pollinating leaders collaborate to solve the wicked problems to open up access.

We close the equity gap. 

We Flatten the Hierarchy by Including Everyone at the Table

We believe that an equitable world requires everyone at the table. So, we invite all, work with all and solve for all to have opportunity to contribute, thrive and collaborate throughout their professional and personal lives. 

Our Bold Goal 2025 is to get 25,000,000 First Generation students, graduates, those who work with them, and those who want to hire them algorithmically connected to role models, mentors, internships and jobs. 

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