Stanford Lake, hailing from Kayenta/Black Mesa on the Navajo Nation, is an accomplished professional with a robust background in engineering and project management. His academic journey led him to attain an engineering degree from Northern Arizona University, and subsequently, he fulfilled his work experience prerequisites under the guidance of a seasoned professional engineer before securing his professional engineering license.With over 24 years of dedicated service in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) domain, Stanford has excelled in various roles, primarily as a project manager/principal for several reputable firms in Arizona. His expertise spans project management, quality control inspections, project meetings, construction administration, and engineering design across a diverse array of projects. These endeavors have catered to Indigenous tribes, esteemed architects, professional engineers, general contractors, government officials, and private owners.Notably, Stanford has also embraced the responsibilities of a Business Development Manager, demonstrating a keen understanding of market trends. In this capacity, he adeptly organized in-person and virtual business meetings, pioneered the establishment of a drone service department, identified strategic teaming opportunities, prepared and submitted project proposals, and oversaw the financial aspects of business operations.Thank you for connecting with Stanford on LinkedIn. Should you require referrals, teaming opportunities, or guidance for your upcoming tribal projects, please feel free to reach out from his contact information or inbox message here on his profile. Ahe’hee’ (Thank You).

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