Dr. Kimberly Heckstall is originally from New York City but has resided in North Carolina for the past 5 years.  She holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Management, a Master of Science (MS) degree in Organizational Leadership and a Doctorate Degree in Management (DM) with a focus in Organizational Leadership. Her dissertation entitled Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) and the Leadership Development of African-American Women in Leadership Roles: A Narrative inquiry explored how the underrepresentation of African-American Women in Leadership roles influenced the motivation to lead of African-American women in top leadership positions.

Dr. Heckstall has been a Part-time lecturer in Schools of Business programs for 14 years. She has taught a variety of online, on-campus, and hybrid undergraduate and graduate business courses for various colleges and universities across the United States. She currently teaches in the Management department at Deese College of Business and Economics (COBE) at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University for the past 4 years. She is also a part of the Student Success Team charged with teaching the freshman female cohort at the college and has helped to co-write the Student Success curriculum for the cohort and functions as a member of the COBE colloquium.

Dr. Heckstall was also the team leader of a research consortium in charge of writing book chapters and journal articles for online publications.  She co-published a book chapter entitled: Incorporating Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) and Gogies to Engage Adult Learners and Improving Student Classroom Behavior through Nonviolent Classroom Management and the Implementation of Emotional Intelligence for Educators.  This publication focuses on educator motivation, leadership styles and the effective student engagement practices of teachers.

Additionally, Dr. Heckstall’s work included presenting and speaking to teachers and administrators at K-12 schools around the Burlington, NC area interested in furthering their careers or transitioning into new professions. She shared with them information about college degree programs that best fit their needs and the benefits of pursuing higher education via online learning.  Dr. Heckstall’s future leadership endeavors include publishing articles about first generation college students, publishing her doctoral dissertation on African-American Women in leadership into a book, and operating a management consultant business.

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