I’d like to think of myself as a person who appreciates all the little things in the moment. I’d love to say I am known to bring energy and open mindedness to the table. With free time I love learning about new topics and have recently been drawn to the excitement that comes from doing something completely out of my norm. Cooking has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I enjoy bringing food that will set the mood. With my Leadership position, I also work for the  Low T Center as Client Account Manager and have worked various social events for brands like MKG, Ketel One, Don Julio, and more. Although these are all varied professions, they all have put me in the right place and right time to be put in the pathway of great individuals who are looking for the next step to be successful in their professional careers.

I really cannot express enough credibility to GlobalMindED.The time spent together with the Young Professional Inclusive Leadership council is life changing. My overall goal is to bring every and anyone who is trying to begin a professional lifestyle together. This way I can introduce change in the environments and communities around me.  I’m overly excited for new opportunities and never hold myself to thinking I should stick to one profession on my resume. I want to be the example that you can do anything in your heart with the right people behind you. I may not have a college degree, however I do believe that is what sets me apart. I do believe I am placed here to help aid the people who doubt themselves given their circumstances or connections. Anything is possible!

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