Chawtana Edwards is a first-generation college graduate. She graduated from SFASU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology minoring in Spanish and  Psychology. Born in Oklahoma and raised in rural Texas, Chawtana has oftentimes been in spaces where she is the only Black woman. Due to being in spaces that lack diversity Chawtana is passionate about inclusivity and providing opportunities to youth of color. One of her greatest achievements was creating a community event for young children to partake in fun and safe activities. She moved to Denver after taking a job as an assistant to the Chief Education Officer and Office of Education at Denver Health. This opportunity allowed her to network and gain experience in healthcare education. 

Now, as a Program Manager for FACES for the Future Denver, a healthcare interest pipeline program for high school juniors and seniors, she can take her love for science, healthcare, and community to educate and provide opportunities to youth of color. Her goal in life is to promote positive healthcare by interacting with as many people as possible. Chawtana loves learning about languages and cultures which has driven her to learn Brazilian Portuguese and French. She has always lived by the idea that the more people you can communicate with the more people you can positively impact. Chawtana’s motto in life is “be the change you want to see in the world”.

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