• BiasBusters @ GlobalMindEd: Understanding and Mitigating Our Bias Blindspots Dr. Carol Frieze, Catherine Getchell, Dr. Geoff Kaufman, and Jon Reynolds (Carnegie Mellon University)

We propose an interactive, deep-dive, cross-disciplinary session to address and help mitigate the harmful effects of implicit bias, which continues to be a persistent and pressing social issue. The goals of our session include: a) promoting awareness of explicit and implicit (unconscious) bias, b) discussing how bias affects behavior and judgements, and c) providing strategies and experience through role-play to help recognize and mitigate the effects of bias. The role play is based on scenarios drawn from real life experiences, with an emphasis on bias toward individuals with disabilities. Participants will leave with resources to enhance what they have learned.

  • Digital Citizenship and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – Dr. Marialice Curran, Digital Citizenship Institute
  • Environment, Energy and Equity