In partnership with The Zion Group and Northern Latitude 30, we are hosting a cohort of First Generation college students on their International Immersion trip to China. Students will engage in the history of China through interactive activities and cultural excursions, including:

  • The Great Wall of China, Grand Buddha at Ling Shan, Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai FuDan University
  • Traditional Arts & Culture Classes: Peking Opera, Kung-Fu, Calligraphy, Tea Tasting and Umbrella Making
  • Cultural Clarity discussions followed by traditional dinners with local Chinese students enrolled at Education First Learning Centers throughout China

As learners, educational sessions will be hosted by Dr. Brenda Ivelisse focused on:

  • Increasing cultural competencies through awareness, knowledge, and skill building

  • Enhancing community and cross cultural communication by challenging biases and stereotypes

  • Becoming more attentive listeners through mindfulness exercises and reflective journaling

Each student will walk away with a stronger identification of their beliefs and values to enrich their future personal and career relationships.The Cultural Clarity Experience will transform students into confident leaders in an ever- growing global marketplace.

Applications due February 1, 2020