2020 Global Classroom Events


Week of May 25th, 2020


Kansas City has come together across multiple public, private and government partners to establish small, efficient community homes for veterans. It is a model that is now being replicated for vets and other populations in many urban and rural areas. Learn more from these innovative equity leaders on how to solve one of the nation’s most vexing problems-homelessness-with dignity, determination and diplomacy.
The 2020 Indicators of Higher Education Equity details the uneven landscape that is influenced by family income and history, geography, a wide range of state policies, and the declining value of federal student aid. Showing that paying for college has never been harder, the report indicates that those who do beat the odds to attend are more likely to leave burdened with debt whether the graduate or not. Pre-Covid, First Gen National graduation rates where 11%, representing a large part of our capabale, diverse pipeline.
This session will explore why it is crucial to understand the impacts of trauma, which populations are especially vulnerable, and what you can do as a teacher, counselor, coach or parent to reduce the impacts of trauma during and after COVID-19
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