Five Year Perspective:

  • Trained 160 First Gen Leaders in professional skills for internship and jobs
  • Worked with 50 First Gen interns and low-income high school apprentices
  • Served total of 210 First Gen and low-income college students
  • Conference of choice for Inclusive Leadership for First Gen and under-represented
  • Diverse attendees, sponsors, students, business leaders and Board members
  • Poised to establish a GlobalMindED Foundation to receive and disburse funds
  • 3 Years of Digital Inclusion Awards to those advancing the human connection

2018 Accomplishments:

  • 1,000+ people at the pre-conferences, dinner and GlobalMindED conference
  • Teen Tech launched for low-income STEAM students (16-19 years old)
  • 19 GlobalMindED Equity Teams with focus on solving wicked problems for low-income populations
  • 15 GlobalMindED Collaboratives at College Campuses teaching First Gen Hidden Curriculum
  • Partnership with The Zion Group – travel to China for internships with First Gen students
  • Established GlobalMindED Young Professional Advisory Council (YPAC) – young leaders who will mentor our First Gen class and Teen Tech attendees for 2019 and advance our inclusive agenda in their companies. They are 60 strong as of December.
  • Partnership with Montcalm TCR for $50 million dollar bond for low-income college students with model of ten year post college payback and job skill success program
  • Launched GlobalMindED Experienced Professional Advisory Council (EPAC) – experienced leaders who will mentor YPAC professionals and serve as the committee for the Inclusive Leaders Awards Dinner. They will also recruit companies for the Careers with High School Degree and Careers with College Degrees.
  • Held our first National Equity Summit with leaders from around the US and Colorado dedicated to courageous steps in closing the equity gap, creating the Foundation Plan.
  • Raised 155% more budget than 2018 and ended the year cash positive.
  • Partnered with the United Nations, International Labour Organization, Fifth Element, SDG Film Institute, The League for Innovation in the Community College, Vocatio, National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship, The NROC Project, Colorado Technology Association


2019 Goals:

  • Inclusive Leaders Awards Dinner- establish the Academy Awards for Inclusive Leaders
  • Involve Top Colorado, national and global talent for speakers, councils, and board members
  • GlobalMindED EDGE 3x: Crossroads of Rural, Urban and International Youth – pilot 2019
  • Select funding partners and companies who are delivering equitable outcomes
  • Secure the top partners for the Bold Goal in education, business and industry and tech
  • Connect GlobalMindED Members across industries for mentors, role models and jobs
  • Establish partnerships with major Colorado funders and organizations to close the Colorado Paradox