Terry Williams is a Social Entrepreneur / Philanthropist  / Global Citizen.

He is a Managing Partner at JCE Capital Management, which operates globally as a privately held hedge fund and advisory firm. Their investment firm, has specialized knowledge in Alternative Investments in Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The company offers alternative asset advisory services, capital market investments through its access to global capital market exchanges in the  USA, Asia/Pacific, Europe and the Middle East

JCE Capital Management, LP clients include accredited investors, hedge funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds and institutional investors. JCE Capital Management, L.P. serves qualified investors worldwide.

As a Social Sector Leader,  Mr Williams  has extensive executive level experience in the following industries:

1) Investment Management

2) Information Technologies

3) Private Equity Funding

4) HealthCare Industry

5) Early Childhood Education  

6) Nonprofit Management    

Mr Williams current responsibilities as the Managing Partner, focuses on building investor relations and structuring of private equity investments as a global hedge fund in “ The Four Corners of the Earth” through his executive leadership position.  

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