Raised on the West Side of Chicago, Illinois, Chantell Niles is a 1st generation college Graduate from Truman State University’s School of Business. In her early finance career, she served as a Wells Fargo international banker in Scottsdale, Arizona where she met her husband James Niles. She subsequently worked as a Wealth Manager for Merrill Lynch and as a contributing graduate member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

During her senior year of college, Chantell was chosen as a contestant of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss(Season 3 ) where she lost 159 pounds.  As a former Reality TV personality, Chantell serves as a role model for fit women, and works as an advocate for poverty awareness and nutrition. She supported French and American designers involved in body positivity campaigns and served as a keynote speaker and panelists for several global conferences.

Chantell has held an enormously enriched academic life. By personally attending over 15 schools throughout her academic career; Chantell has a unique perspective on education. From a high school robotics competitor in Amarillo, Texas to a college scholarship pageant winner in Kirksville, Missouri ; there are very few areas of academic life she hasn’t experienced.  Chantell wants to educate 1st generation students on mastering the 7 life priorities of C Suite Executives.

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