Adrian Rosado is passionate about building leaders of all ages whilst giving corporations and individuals the foundation to create strong, effective teams. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Pre-Law, as well as a Master’s in Business Administration from Eastern Illinois University.

In 2012, Adrian founded The Zion Group (TZG). The company commits to providing high-level leadership, diversity training, team building, and professional development to corporations, social organizations, and educational institutions. TZG successfully launched a program,“TheMillennial.Be,” to service universities specifically in their need to address proper leadership education. To date, The Zion Group has implemented over 100 trainings to 5,000 participants and cohorts across the globe. In 2017 – TZG created a platform, Cultural Clarity Experience, to provide individuals the opportunity to write and be interviewed about how traveling has impacted their perception of diversity from a global lens.

Adrian has keynoted cultural communication workshops internationally and has developed curriculum in order to bridge age gaps in the corporate environment. He is currently serving as the Vice Chair of the Business Leadership Council for the National Latino Education Institute (NLEI). Adrian’s insight, diverse experiences, and leadership have served as a cornerstone of NLEI’s 2017 initiatives.

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