Wendy Lipton-Dibner, MA is a social researcher by training and an entrepreneur by choice. She’s built 10 multimillion-dollar retail and service businesses of her own, and helped thousands of Fortune, healthcare, entrepreneurial, and non-profit organizations increase revenues exponentially by making a measurable difference on every life they touch. An internationally-recognized authority on Impact Strategy, Wendy has touched millions of lives through 5 bestselling books, world-class speaking engagements, sold-out live events, and popular media appearances. She has presented at the U.S. Senate and produced well-over 1,000 business growth programs for difference-makers around the globe. In addition to her work as President and CEO of Professional Impact and Impact Resources, Wendy serves as a trusted advisor and mentor to top influencers, executives, and impact-driven entrepreneurs worldwide. Forbes calls Wendy’s strategies, “The secret to success in business,” and Inc. described her Focus On Impact® strategic map as, “Your path to profitable success.”

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