UB has a passion for helping #PEOPLEMATTER. He has a clear perspective of the good, bad and ugly of how companies are being built. Surviving workplace violence and his Latino background define that perspective. As such, he is an advocate for people safety and happiness. He thrives in helping people overcome internal obstacles to be better humans to themselves and others.

As an advocate he helps companies attract, hire and develop more inclusive and diverse talent. He speaks about the future of work and building inclusive companies. He strives to help people understand their own biases and to build curiosity, empathy and conscious communication competencies to build those inclusive workplaces.

Most importantly he makes connections that maximize impact. After all, “Connections” is in his title. All people strive to make connections. Most struggle to make the right ones. Through listening, understanding and storytelling UB can do just that.

One of UB’s passions is Space. He is a senior researcher for Deep Space Predictive. This team strives to build a platform to help humans survive and evolve in Space and on Earth.

He participates in various events and conferences as a speaker, panelist and moderator. In Colorado these events include Denver Startup Week, DISH HR Evolution, GlobalMindED Conference, Colorado Technology Association, Blind Institute of Technology Accessibility Conference and many more. In the US these include the upcoming Open Source Summit and Embedded Linux Conference North America. He is also preparing to launch two new podcasts: Choose Inclusion and Human is the Loop.

As a participating advisory or Board Member UB uses his experience to help organizations like DIVersity and Blind Institute of Technology grow and thrive.

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