Terry Williams is the founder and CEO of the GlobalTrust Funds. He is a forward-thinking, visionary entrepreneur that started life with very humble beginnings. His story is inspiring and impactful, as to how he went from fatherless home to being on the global stage from Dubia to Singapore as hedge fund and private equity executive. Having traveled to over forty countries and territories of the world, he has a deep appreciation for lifting the bottom four billion of humanity out of poverty through sustainable development funding to the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Terry’s investments and work today revolves around his early career on Wall Street with Shearson / Lehman Brothers, as a financial consultant. He gained invaluable insight and understanding of the capital markets, global economies and wealth management in working with high net worth clients in his investment advisory career. His success has always been accredited to having the presence of God and trusting Him in his life and a great deal of perseverance to overcome every obstacle thrown at him.

Terry has spent more than three decades developing innovative and cutting edge business and technology solutions for his corporate and business clients. Constantly learning and evolving his visionary approach and organizational development talents, allows Terry to see business trends and opportunities through a savvy geo-political Lens.

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