Dr. Tameka N. Ellington is the CEO/Founder of the 1st Generation Revolutionaries Movement. She is a Motivational Speaker, Educator and Author of Make Fear Your Superpower, a witty and real memoir that speaks to the inner courage that we all possess. She helps individuals increase their confidence and realize the power that they have inside. She is dedicated to helping others face their fears and live a fulfilling balanced life.

Dr. Tameka started out her career as a fashion designer working for large corporations such as Abercrombie and Fitch. After, several years of working in the fashion industry, she had a calling to teach. She has served as a Fashion Design Professor/Scholar for Kent State University for 14 years. She had the honor of serving as Director for Diversity Initiatives for a team of over 1,800 people (faculty, staff and students). She is currently serving as Interim Assistant Dean for the College of the Arts. Dr. Tameka has 28+ scholarly presentations and 20+ non-academic keynote presentations.

She has received many awards and recognition for her work including her most recent: 2019 First Generation Advocate Award2018 Ohio Board of Trustees banquet awardee hosted by KSU’s Provost Diacon, 2017 Alumni Legacy Award, The Alumni Legacy Award is given annually to recognize an alumnus for their distinguished contributions and extraordinary service in the areas of diversity and social justice, the 2016 Distinguished Faculty Service Award for her dedication to the advancement of her students and colleagues, and the 2015 Award for Outstanding Leadership in Student Access, Recruitment Retention and Success.

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