My Name is Sochima Ifedikwa. I am an international Student from Nigeria studying Computer Science in the United States. I am a first-generation student and I recently graduated from San Jacinto Community College with an Associate’s degree in Computer Science. I am a currently transfer student pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Texas Tech University. I also intend to go into the accelerated degree program to gain a master’s degree in Software Engineering.
As a first-generation college student, unique circumstances have shaped my path. My life has not been easy, but two qualities have remained firm-my tenacity in the face of challenging circumstances to seek higher education, and my determination to perform tasks efficiently to achieve my goals. I would never have imagined myself today as being a college graduate because there is no easy route to getting to success.
Due to the financial constraint of my family, at the age of 5, I was sent to live with my grand Aunt who financed most of my elementary education. As she aged, she could no longer care for me, so I moved to a different city to live with an uncle at the age of 9 through high school. While living with him, I occasionally visited my family during the holidays but went back to live with my mother after I had graduated high school, pending admission to college. Before I came to the United States my goal has always been to get a good education so that I can help my mother and siblings live a better life. As the fist child of my family and the first to enter college it is a responsibility that weighs on my shoulders not as a burden but as source of motivation. I have a mother who is hearing impaired but always proud of who she is and has always been. I learned that no matter the disability that one has, there is always something that one can contribute. With the trainings and constant practice from my mother, my siblings and I was able to learn how to be a sign language interpreter—which is a skill that has always made me standout from my peers.
I am proud to be an Alumni of San Jacinto College, a college that was accepting and exposed me to different programs that have shaped me to be a better person in the past few years. I am most grateful for being a member of the Diverse Student Population that introduced me to the GlobalMindED Community that gave me the opportunity to represent Minority and First-Generation international Students on a bigger level. The Ambassador program and the GlobalMindED program have influenced my professional path in a very tremendous way. The skills and trainings provided in collaboration with different networking opportunities are qualities that are very relevant in all organizations. The GlobalMindED community imbibes the idea of diversity and inclusion in a wide range because it encourages growth. I am an ambassador of this notion because the experience with the GlobalMindED program has helped instill the idea of teamwork which is necessity in my field of study and I am very happy that I use this skill in my classroom and will also use it later in my future employment.
As a computer Science student, my aim is to work for a Technological Company as a Software engineer and developer. I think that I would be the best candidate for a job because I am a diverse and inclusive leader that believes that everyone is important and has something to offer regardless of their background. Something very unique about me that an employer cannot live without is that I am always a cheerful person who always tries as much as possible to carry everyone along. I always try to make sure that my teammates are in a good mood and always full of good energy because I know that happiness is always within all of us. Once I get hired, the best way I know how to set a new standard is effective communication and paying attention to all ideas. By doing this, I will make sure that I learn things from another person’s perspective and point of view, hence promoting diversity and inclusion.

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