Sharon Koonce received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary and Deaf Education from the University of Houston, Central Campus and her Master of Education in Mid-management from the University of Houston, Clear Lake. She has 46 years of experience as a teacher, magnet coordinator, assistant principal, principal of three schools, leader of a professional development department and educational consultant. As a principal in two elementary schools and one K-8 campus, she implemented multi-aged, non-graded programs that were identified by the state of Texas as models of innovation.

In 1997 after fifteen years as a principal, she assumed the role of Director, Leadership Development for Houston Independent School District (HISD) where she was responsible for providing growth experiences for new and experienced principals and assistant principals. In 2003, she was appointed as Assistant Superintendent of Professional Development for the HISD and remained in that position until January 2011. In that role she was responsible for providing staff development for over 12,000 Pre-K through 12 teachers, campus administrators, aspiring principals, paraprofessionals, and all employees of central office departments

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