Dr. Rev Hillstrom is one of this country’s foremost indigenous scholars leading systemic change for educational excellence and equity. Through the pillars of his CLEAR model (Culture, Learning, Equitable, Achievement and Responsive) he guides districts in generating the equity consciousness needed for conceptual, behavioral and structural transformation.

Dr. Rev Hillstrom’s undergraduate studies in Music and American Indian Studies at Augsburg University gave rise to his Masters’ studies at Bethel University in Ethnomusicology and eventually lead to a Doctorate in Teaching and Learning from the University of Minnesota. As a pedagogical innovator, Hillstrom’s approach to education connects his own indigenous worldview, artistic talents and intuitive insight with the intrinsic values of participants to create rich, professional learning experiences in responsive-pedagogy, addressing the varied learning styles, perspectives and assets of students of all races, ethnicities, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds so they are cultivated to be lifelong learners and leaders. From elementary to graduate school, Rev has shared his gifts, challenging students and teachers to grow in their understanding of who they are and what their relationship is with the world around them.

Dr. Hillstrom is currently the president of Intercultural Innovations Inc. (home of the CLEAR Model and the CLEAR Solutions Framework) and serves Osseo Area Schools, MN as the Director of Educational Equity. He also promotes educational excellence and equity by serving with regional and national organizations including the National Urban Alliance (NUA) and the Minnesota Educational Equity Partnership (MnEEP). Dr. Hillstrom’s work includes nationally published articles, presentations at several national conferences, multiple copywritten systems tools and the publication of his book Educational Settings Impact on Minnesota American Indian Academic Proficiency.

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