Quan Huynh is the Post Release Program Manager for Defy Ventures, a non-profit that helps men and women with criminal histories to create their own companies through entrepreneurship.
He was released from prison a little over 3 years ago after serving a total of 22 years in and out of correctional institutions. After paroling from a life sentence, he was given the 2016 Peace Fellowship Award for his work through the Alternatives to Violence Project in the community.  He created his first company, Jade Janitors, Inc. 6 months after parole.  He has done several podcasts, and was one of the speakers at One Last Talk.
Quan is currently working on his book through Tucker Max and Scribe Media.  It is due to be published no later than May of 2020 through LionCrest Publishing.  The book is for lifer and long-term offenders that are still stuck in darkness.  In it, Quan shares how he slowly shifted his mindset and heart and found freedom way before he was ever released.

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