Based on the Research conducted in the Hawthorne Experiments, HSI has advanced the science of Ergonomics and Human Factors into what we call Neuro-Ergonomics. By gaining a better understanding of the internal energy and information systems of the human body, HSI evaluates and develops various methods of system optimization. Furthermore, understanding the environmental influences that support or detract from optimal function, HSI architects energy-based feedback systems using sonic and photonic mediums such as music, Virtual Reality, and full immersion venues. The integration of endogenous energy and information systems management with designed sonic and photonic sensory immersion environmental systems holds the key to accessing advanced human capacities.

Paul, Founder of the Human Sustainability Institute (HSI), champions an innovative strategy to address the crucial aspect of any improvement project: the Human Potential Factor in the Global Regeneration Equation. His project-specific assessment methodology integrates multiple disciplines known to optimize human potential. Blending systems analysis and design expertise, innovative technology, quantum physics-based environmental influences, and personal development drivers for progress, he offers this approach as a world business leader. His enthusiasm for responsible development of human potential examples for us: a “new frontier of sustainability”. By harnessing evidence-based schemata, addressing specific variables, HSI approaches the “best of the best” in strategizing truly “regenerative” sustainability projects.

He consults and coaches internationally for organizations and individuals with a focus on integrating contemporary principles from Biophysics, Resilience Psychophysiology, Neuroscience and Biomimicry and the Wisdom Traditions. His builds teams from around the world to design and implement Social Enterprise Systems linking Industry with Social/Environmental Impact Initiatives. His practice culminates in Introspective Retreats/Advances that explore nature’s wonders while stretching the boundaries of clients’ comfort zones.

Paul utilizes a custom assessment system that is an amalgam of other tools for Organizational Design and Performance. And HSI is developing an individual and group biophysics immersion system for bio-harmonic calibration and amplification. This system accesses and interacts with the information-energy aspect of human function. This technology has multiple benefits to human wellness while stimulating expanded stages of consciousness. He utilizes modalities from multiple disciplines like Neuroscience, Psychology, Physiology and Physics combined to create simulations utilized in the field of Experiential Education. He accesses a global network of experts spanning NASA Health Sciences, Extreme Sport Psychophysiologists, Cybernetic Technologists, along with Leaders in Human Optimization and Wellness.

Prior to Founding the Human Sustainability Institute, Paul served as a strategy and development consultant, was a Partner at Snowy Range Hospitalists, Led a Community Development and Wellness Project implementing his Social Impact Platform, and was an Executive at AT&T/Lucent/Bell Labs strategically positioning and transitioning systems and technologies (Skunkworks) into the commercial and public domain. He is a continual learner expanding his knowledge beyond his formal education and the rigorous executive development program at AT&T/Bell Laboratories.

Education based projects: Higher Education Advanced Technology Center (HEAT) with the Community College System, Private and Public Organizations to build out a flagship platform for Distance Learning Summit of the Eight Conference hosting delegates and designing and providing the international media center Foundation Board Member of Jefferson County Animal Shelter – Strategy and Fund Raising to include Canine Obedience training with youth Instructor – Snowboard Outreach Society – Teach Inner City Adolescents Snowboarding Facilitator – CU Science Discovery Facilitator – West Pines Training Center – Leadership and Team Building – Experiential and Challenge Course Kazkazi Environmental Alliance – Bridging Headwater and Oceanic Educational programs and delivery mechanisms (STEAM) Human Propulsion Project – Transportation Industry Impact Program Development (Virtual Reality/Gaming, Remote Control/Drone, Karting, Industry Shadowing/Mentor) (STEAM) Department of Corrections – Healthcare staff self-care consulting producing improved inmate health In Association with the Let’s Move National Campaign was the Chefs Move to Schools program to upgrade the nutritional value of school menus. State of Colorado Outdoor Recreation Plan National Recreation & Parks Association – Reconnecting with Nature and Physical Activities Colorado Parks & Recreation – Integration with healthcare providers, home schooling resources, and community development – Obesity, Behavioral Health, Community Development Multiple Park & Recreation Districts to design and convert land management techniques to bioregenerative models ————————————————————————————————————————–Behavioral Health – Strategic planning and development of a proactive behavioral health training programs (Communities That Care National Initiative) introducing Transformative Technologies as a user interface (Happify, Heartmath Inner Balance, etc.)

Science of Life Museum and Vital Labs – A multi-sensory immersion venue guiding participants toward the realization of universal connection while igniting their engagement in planetary regeneration solutions. Vital Labs primarily serves as an integration and development lab for transformative technologies in health and wellness, learning, personal development, and more. The campus will serve as a demonstration site for contemporary solutions associated to Human and Planetary Challenges and chart a more utopian trajectory.

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