Dr. Nancy Lewin is the Executive Director of the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS). Her 23 years as a professional educator and her life experiences as a migrant worker drive her purpose and passion in this Chief Executive role at the nation’s largest Latinx-focused education leadership organization. Her experiences in bringing about systemic change and uniting collective efforts is vital to this role. Her personal education achievements include completion of a Fellowship from Rice University’s Educators Entrepreneurial Program, a doctorate in Professional Leadership and Master of Education degree from the University of Houston, and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Texas Southern University. Since taking on the role of executive director for ALAS, Dr. Lewin has significantly expanded the organization’s national presence, created a legislative agenda platform to advocate for critical issues impacting the Latinx education community, and implemented an annual national Legislative Assembly that unites Latinx educators in advocacy on Capitol Hill. Some of her other inaugural initiatives include expanding leadership of Latina women through the Linking Latina Leaders (L3) Network, a blog that addresses issues that impact the Latinx Education community, and the Latinx Leadership Matters Campaign. In her role as Executive Director, she represents the ALAS organization in the National English Learner Roundtable,is a member of the ISTE Equity panel, and part of the Steering Committee for AASA Aspiring Urban Superintendent Program. She also collaborates with various national organizations in Washington DC which include IEL, CAL and NABE. Prior to joining ALAS, Dr. Lewin served in a variety of education leadership roles, including Chief Academic Officer, Special Education Director, and Adjunct Professor with the University of St. Thomas in Houston. Dr. Lewin also served as a Principal, Assistant Principal, and Bilingual teacher in Texas. She has vast experience with Professional Leadership, Adult Education, ESL, Bilingual, Dual Language, STEM, and Special Education programs. She has served as a presenter and speaker for various conferences, workshops and professional development programs that include; National School Board Association’s Equity Conference, Teach for America’s National School Leaders of Color Summit, and The 50th Anniversary of the Mexican American Civil Rights Hearings in San Antonio, Tx 2018, where she discussed the need for equity and expectations for Latinx students with regard to technology access. Her vast experience also includes Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), Strategic Goal Setting, Leadership Development, and Community Engagement & Equity in Education. In 2016, Dr. Lewin led an initiative that resulted in her school district being recognized with a Trailblazer Award from the Virginia State Superintendent of Education for implementation of the Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) program, and the Virginia Tiered System of Supports. Dr. Lewin provided leadership training for 3 aspiring superintendents cohort groups in Puerto Rico in the area of Community Engagement and Public Relations Strategic Planning in 2017 and 2018. She has also provided training in Cultural Competence and Establishing Climate and Culture for school district leadership teams. Dr. Lewin has a great passion for improving student performance through purposeful leadership, with a focus on diverse student demographics, developing systemic change and expanding community engagement.

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