Nahid Pérez Ayala is a pre-med high school student at Colegio José de Escandón La Salle, Trainee mentor of the POP Movement, member of YOUNGO and student leader.

In the POP Movement, she has participated as a speaker, moderator, volunteer, and organizer of different national and international events and initiatives such as the Second and Third International Conference and POP Festival for Youth Climate Action, Protecting Mother Earth and Nature: Voices of Original Nations, Peace Day, Pre-COP 2021, the Fifth Student Colloquium; Global Warming and the Environmental Sciences of the IPN and the UPC, and the Fifth International Conference on the Future of Education of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences (WAAS) of UNESCO, among others.

She was a delegate of Mexico for the United Nations Youth Climate Change Conference 2021 (COY 16) and was part of the Climate Bootcamp 2021, of the British Embassy in Mexico for the government of the United Kingdom. She is also part of YOUNGO in the health, agriculture, and inclusion groups.

She has co-authored an article on Environmental Justice and Equity for UNESCO and another on the role of youth in COP26.

She has participated as a staff researcher with the Center for Human Progress and WHO on Self-Care and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights among Youth in Public Health to advance Universal Coverage. 

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