Greetings! I am Michael Brown, a sophomore business administration major, pre-law criminal justice minor at the illustrious Bethune-Cookman University located in Daytona Beach, FL. I am originally from the beautiful city of Jacksonville, FL. I was raised in a single – parent household with my mother and sister. I have seen my fair share of struggle from watching my mother and facing personal hardships of being an African American individual in today’s society.
My mother, as a single parent had to work exceptionally hard to take care of my younger sister and me, as well as herself. Due to our circumstances, I had to learn how to be responsible at a young age and because of this I always have looked at the world differently.
I am often referred to as more mature for someone my age because of the knowledge I possess. I have been a hardworking and motivated individual for as long as I remember. The life that I have lived has given me a different perspective, as I mentioned before, on different things.
I have always had to the mindset to work for anything I want. For example, I simply never ask my family members for money, I always believed it was better for me to do some work to earn that money. I got my first job at the age of 16, and I have been working ever since. I always give my best effort at work which led to a promotion in customer service. I currently work two jobs while managing a full course load, it is a great way to educate myself on balancing real life and school life. Watching my mother was my motivation to always be a hard working individual and never take anything in life for granted. During many of my school years, I have been on the honor roll, because I felt it was the way to honor my mother’s hard work. I always put the best effort into any activity or project that I take on.
I am very compassionate and try to help in whatever way that I can. I learned this from watching my mother work so hard with little to no help, modeling how to always be there for others. I never want to see others face hardships that I know can be avoided or lessened, and I want to be someone who helps those facing hardships. This same motivation inspired my career choice in the legal field, particularly legal services in Human Resources. I decided to further my education at Bethune- Cookman after high school graduation because I didn’t want to become another statistic, I wanted to be better than what the world thinks of me. I chose a major in business after participating in internship programs my high school offered that sparked my interest. For example; one of the programs in which I participated, I was one of 12 students elected to work at a bank. We learned all the key points of running our school’s branch, as well as managing a business in general.
I am currently in my second semester of my sophomore year and I am a part of two academic organizations: National Society of Leadership and Success, and Pre-Alumni council. I plan to become more involved in the coming years at my University, but it has been a struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down our beloved university.
The GlobalMindED Inclusive Leadership Program has influenced me greatly. The support and inspiration is beyond exceptional and is most definitely appreciated. I’m grateful for all the opportunities that develop my mindset on accomplishing my goals. GlobalMindED has done a remarkable job expressing the impact of equity gaps and creating a capable, diverse talent pipeline through connections to role models, mentors, internships for low-income students, and returning adults. Their goal to support first-generation students motivated me to apply to become an Ambassador to further share my voice. I’m grateful to be able to share my story and hope that others may relate and find opportunities to better themselves.

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