Meda Hope Malinga is an 18 year old young lady pursuing International Relations, passionate about youth empowerment, well being and their participation in sustainable development programs as agents of change; Her inspirational goal being UN SDG 4 (Quality Education). Turns out she has had a journey of adventure, realisation, learning, unlearning and relearning to set my hands on what kind of road map needed to address the issue of climate change and its effects to the community. They range from workshops, conferences where she has engaged with her peers interested and already engaged in taking climate action, organisations, climate change activists and the elders who have set the journey and treaded the path for a remarkable time frame. She has attended Modal United Nations conferences under the Environmental committee for 3 years as a delegate of various countries which include; Turkey, Bangladesh, El-Salvador and Ukraine handling various topics ranging from mishandling of plastics, Environmental migration, combating illegal wildlife trade and addressing the issue of air pollution. She has served as a coordinator for events under the School Water and Sanitation (SWAS) Club of Gayaza High School from 2016-2019. During her term of service; their team was able to partner up with the environment club and the eight houses in the institution to host a seven weeks anti-litter campaign which involved training masses on responsible disposal of biodegradable and non biodegradable materials to reduce on the rate of environmental pollution and soil degradation which are an outcome of poor waste management. They also made the students and whole school realise the civilization brought out with responsible handling of waste materials. She also took responsibility as the iEARN students coordinator of Gayaza High school to organise outside programs to promote sanitation around the community such as; cleaning the water bodies within the community while engaging community members so as to make them realize the need to take up responsibility to address the many risks that are an outcome in consuming contaminated water. This project was done under the “iEARN global water crisis class project” which Gayaza High School took part in from 2016-2017. She was lucky to be among the 4 Ugandan youth delegates to the conference in Morocco. In 2019, she was able to organise an outreach program to the Sebei region from the 13th-15th of December, 2019 as a country coordinator of Global Scribes: Youth Uniting Nations, then. On the 14th December, 2019, she spearheaded a team which had an anti litter campaign in Kapchorwa Municipal council where we sorted out the rubbish the dirtiest area of the Municipality and cleaned the market area as well. She has participated in quite a number of events organised by the POP movement with the key note of taking climate action, nevertheless, the journey is to continue of what has always been done, what she has learnt and she will learn to do with the POP movement the youth in Africa.

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