Working in the Outdoor Industry for over 20 years, Matt has a wide array of experience and perspective from several brands within the Industry. Matt has an MBA in International business from Thunderbird (the American Graduate School of International Management) and upon graduation, quickly combined his passions for the outdoors with his educational background. Over the years, Matt has worked in the outdoor electronics world, starting the Outdoor division of ACR Electronics, and launching their Personal Locator Beacon line of products, then moved to Suunto North America as General Manager.   After Suunto, Matt was the President and General Manager of Footbalance North America, where he retooled the organization and orchestrated both topline and bottom line growth the bring the company back to profitability. He then transitioned to the Director of Sales for the Independent Specialty channel of Timberland USA,and recently, Matt was the Vice President of Sales for Ibex Outdoor Clothing, prior to joining OIA.

Since joining OIA, the membership numbers have grown to an all time high, revenue has exceeded all previous records and Mat has launched several new initiatives and programs. Matt has worked with large, Big Box Retailers, small independent specialty retailers, international distributors, domestic distributors, and online retailers. Matt lives in Boulder with his wife and two sons. He enjoys surfing, skiing, mountain biking, triathlon and Crossfit.

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