Dr. Swenson is the CEO and Founder of mymedchoices which provides a Center of Excellence (CEO) program to GroupHealth Insurance Programs (GHIP). Offering significant unit cost reduction via bundled case rates and significant reductions in the total cost without sacrificing the quality of care delivered. This includes travel for treatment and medical, dental and wellness tourism. Founding President of two public companies GUAVA Healthcare and GUAVA Franchising. She is also a member of the Harvard University, Women’s Leadership Board and is known for her International speaking through the Global Women’s healthcare initiatives. She established the first statewide Minority and Women Business Enterprise Office earning the Distinguished Service Award for her leadership in Delaware as well as lead the States women’s initiative as a Commissioner.

She has published textbooks, “Women Economic Empowerment and Success” and “The Study of Women in Nonprofit Organizations and the Influences of Preferred Work Schedules on Work Family Conflict

Swenson’s vast portfolio and experiences also include expertise leadership as a Certified leadership trainer, Certified Mentor Coach, Certified Medical Tourism Professional and Certified Professional in Self Funded Organizations. Dr. Swenson has received a number of prestigious awards over the years honoring her for her long and varied list of accomplishments in leadership positions. These include awards from Business and Professional Women, Inc, awarded Mother of the Year award by American Mothers, Inc. and Distinguished Service Award from the State of Delaware, appointed to serve as a National member of Women Impacting Public Policy, HealthCare, received the TOP 100 Minority and Women-Owned Entrepreneurs and Governor’s Citation for outstanding success, entrepreneurial spirit. Was featured in the following publications; TOP 500 franchises in Entrepreneur Magazine 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, US News & World Report and INC magazine.

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