Martha is a popular presenter at education conferences and conducts motivational workshops and trainings for teachers, parents, and corporate groups internationally. Martha has a master’s degree in human behavior and development. She works to translate the latest educational neuroscience research into classroom and workplace applications. She has authored many books, including co-authoring, “The Motivated Brain: Improving Attention, Engagement and Perseverance”. Her company’s name, “Begin With the Brain,” states her goal for educators and leaders at all levels: Orchestrate work and learning within a safe, secure, sustainable environment, aligned with how human brains learn best and are most productive. In the era of high-stakes accountability and technology infusion, Martha believes that many of the most basic tenets of natural learning are being neglected in the 21st Century. Out-door experiences, collaborative projects, community contributions, imaginative play, visual and performing arts, movement, and maintaining emotional health and well-being are being nudged out of many students’ school experiences and it impacts learning. These aspects are vital to the development of a well-rounded individual and may in fact be a key to the sustainability of our civilized world. Martha served on the board of the Transformative Education Forum – U.S., organized by the Global Challenges Forum. She is a member of the Pleiades Network that is dedicated to inspiring, recognizing and advancing women’s leadership in creating a more sustainable world. She is also a founding member of The Sisters, a global network of women, coming together to create a more peaceful and sustainable future.

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