Leilani is an empathetic leader with experience in SaaS companies ranging from $3M-$100M+ annual revenue serving in leadership roles in customer success, customer marketing, client services, and account management. She is passionate about helping companies scale and grow while maintaining a positive team culture that is people-centered. She started her career as a public school teacher nurturing the potential in every student and facilitating their learning. In the variety of roles she has held since teaching, she has continued to support and help others succeed from workshops with educators to board rooms with executives.

Currently, she provides consulting to corporate and nonprofit organizations in the areas of customer success, employee engagement & retention, marketing programs, and leadership development. She is a proud board member of The Teaching Well, a Bay Area-based nonprofit founded by teachers, for teachers, that takes an organizational health approach to education and works to interrupt the chronic teacher turnover cycle. She is also a co-founder at SIS Circle, an organization that supports the whole woman, including her wellness, career development, and personal growth. 

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