Ms. Komal Mittal is a passionate researcher and has committed herself to preserve the environment and protecting our planet. She believes in providing education and empowering communities, building awareness about environmental and health issues, and promoting youth and community action for needed change.

Komal Mittal wears two professional hats as she plays role as Research Associate in health at the Center for Human Progress and global Youth Mentor with POP Movement.

Komal’s research in health currently focuses on understanding self-care practices of the most marginalized and vulnerable communities in India. She also leads a national youth group, which focuses on promoting leadership and advocacy for the Sustainable Development Goals, supported by UNAIDS. Komal is co-authoring a book publication on her research findings on self-care focused on sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention. She has presented several reports in the area of public health like, Domestic health and mental violence among men and women in rural parts of Delhi, Dissemination of WHO Self-Care Guidelines for vulnerable and key population, UNAIDS and APCASO Youth Consultation Project on SDGs.

Her work is not limited to the health sector. She has also recognized for the “Research Excellence Award” for her study on extraction of acid soluble collagen from soybean and tomato in the field of biotechnology. She has executed her approach of environment and health in her recent work of “sustainability of self-care products” which she has presented in an International conference in Neuvo Vallarta, Mexico.

She has also executed a pilot research for Delhi State Health Mission on collection of primary data, data flow, compilation and generation of the key indicators used by National Institution for transforming India Aayog for District Hospital ranking and awarded for her research.

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