Socially, Robert “Kalaan” Pairman is first and foremost a Behike (Taino medicine man) and was  chosen and appointed Kasike (Taino Chief) for the  Yamaye Guani (Jamaican Humming Bird Taino People) .  He now walks with the Taino name “Nibonrix Kaiman”.

Kasike Nibonrix Kaiman is a member of Consejo de Medicina Ancestral Indígena Originaria del Abya Yala (Council of Ancestral Indigenous Medicine of the Americas) , the Main organizer for Caribbean Region Peace and Dignity Journeys which is an inter-tribal spiritual run connected to ancient prophecies of the Americas, member of “Responsables Espirituales Originarios del Guyrapoi, Kuntur, Quetzal, Aguila and Warawao” ( R.E.O.G.K.Q.A.W ) with responsibility for maintaining traditional ceremonies in the Caribbean and sits on Y.C.O.I.L (Yamaye/ Jamaica Council of Indigenous Leaders).

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