Julene Siddique is an innovative artist and scientist dedicated to social impact.

As an Artist & Composer, she has composed Arab-Classical music for H.E. Mai AlKhalifa and has brought together the music from all the Commonwealth Countries for Queen Elizabeth II and has collaborated on varieties of south asian music with legends Talvin Singh and Kuljit Bhamra. Julene has also frequently participated in musically based socio-political movements as well as therapeutic arts projects.

As an interdisciplinary scientist she has looked at social, cognitive and acoustical aspects of music and health. As a transdisciplinary researcher she is currently working on bringing forward the new paradigm of social sciences with The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, combining system sciences with social sciences for socio-systemic approaches to human development, sustainability and social change.

Julene is the inventor of the transdisciplinary “Musical Nutrition” framework and founder of Nada Brahma Ltd. She advocates disruptive sustainable innovations and systems change and has created the socio-systemic framework for high impact innovations being brought forward by Ubiquity University. She holds an MA in Anthropology of Development from SOAS, University London and an MMus from The Royal College of Music.

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