As the Founder and Chief Design Officer of Darte Design, she coaches and co-creates with businesses and change-makers on how to use design-based approaches to increase the impact potential of their ideas. She co-founded The Second L and launched ÉPOCA, the first residential Self-Fulfillment Festival, all during her wedding.

Jessica believes everyone is born thinking like a designer— she just helps you shake off the dust and stretch back into it.

During her Master’s Thesis at MIT she invented DesignShops, a process to shorten the time by which someone begins to think and problem-solve like a designer. Combined with her certification as a Reiki Apprentice Healer, she can challenge her clients to incorporate a balanced, holistic approach to the ancient human experience of creativity and solving problems.

Jessica was named one of Boston’s Latino 30 Under 30 in recognition as a “Most Influential Leader”. She serves as a Director to the MIT Global CoCreation Lab, as Queen and in-House Design Strategist at RisOn, and as a Fellow for the Royal Society of Art. She lives with her husband as Graduate Resident Advisors in the world’s greatest playground— MIT— running experiments with her students in residential-based learning, culture, and community mobilization. Catch her offline hosting Thoughts Over Tea in her home studio or running with her sheltie, Chuli (she’s the goodest girl).




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