Ingrid serves as the Executive Director of Base 11, spearheading the design and implementation of the company’s STEM Accelerator Programs in collaboration with a national and regional community college, university and corporate partner network.

Driven by results, Ingrid leads the charge to empower high-potential, low-resource students with the access, resources and training needed to become the skilled STEM workforce, entrepreneurs and citizens our global economy so desperately needs. With an eye toward the future, she regularly participates in forums and thinktanks dedicated to defining and developing the next iteration of education and life skills that will be required for generational growth. Acknowledging that while STEM currently refers to a course of study, it is increasingly and rapidly becoming a part of the fabric of everyday life.

A longtime champion of educational equity, Ingrid’s experience includes 30 years in the K-16 education market in key roles ranging from business development to operations, marketing to strategic planning, and management to leadership development. Prior to joining Base 11, she served as a C-suite executive at successful and innovative education and education technology firms in the public, private and non-profit sectors including start-ups, mid-sized, and large for-profit corporations.

Her guiding principle has always been to provide equity and access to quality programs to ensure that all students can achieve high standards. Ingrid serves on the national board of the NAACP Foundation and the advisory board of Orange County Center for Excellence in Public Schools.

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