Gregg has been a wellness professional for over 20 years and brings with him a passion to serving others and teaching them how to live a life filled with joy through various mindfulness practices. His roles have a wide-ranging spectrum of experience: an instructor and teacher, a small business owner and manager, a mentor and inspirational speaker. Inspired in his roles as a husband and father of two daughters, it is Gregg’s passion to help people live happier and healthier lives. A “life teacher in heart, mind and soul”, he brings with him a vast and heart-centered approach to helping people not only attain and sustain joy in their lives, but also shares with others the ability to share joy to impact the world around us. Gregg’s teaching philosophy states: “Along the way, a by-product of increasing your joy and improving your overall health is through strengthening your own mental immunity – the ability to respond rather than react to any given situation with loving kindness, compassion and generosity. This is the goal of true inner joy – to positively impact the world by being focused on nurturing yourself.”

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