She has been a member of the Model United Nations of the E.U. Colegio San Gabriel Arcángel (GAMUN) since 2018 and is the Staff Member and Academic Secretary of GAMUN, 2019/2020. She has received numerous awards including MD, UNEP Committee, theme “Thawing of the Arctic Circle”, CAMUN 2018; 1st Honorable Mention, NATO Committee, theme “Russian Presence in the Black Sea”, SACMUN 2019; Honorable Mention, Panel of Experts Committee, topic “The Legalization of Abortion”, SSORIMUN 2019; Verbal Mention, Panel of Experts Committee, topic “Stigmatization of Women”, LAFEMUN 2019; and, Ciudadana Verde, 2020. She is the Founding member of Movimiento POP Venezuela and a member of the POP Global team, representing the young Venezuelans.

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