My name is Ethan Endres, and I am from Charleston West Virginia. I am a Cyber Forensics and Security major at Marshall University. I plan on getting a Master’s Degree in my major at Marshall University. After this, I plan on trying to find a job that is either high pay or in West Virginia to start me off, but my dream job is working on network security with the National Security Agency (NSA).
Staying determined to be in a technology major was tough, because I had no computer science classes available to me throughout all my K-12 schooling. This also made it tough when I got into college, because I didn’t realize what the different technology majors entailed or even what kind of things in technology I would like to study. I started off my college career as a Computer Science major, then after a year I figured out that wasn’t what I was interested in, and I decided to try and switch my major to something that was more hands-on, which is what led me to my current major.
The GlobalMindED First Gen and Ambassador programs have given me access to financial aid which will help me in the future, because I am wanting to apply for graduate school, but I do not have the money to afford it yet. On top of this the Ambassador program has give me access to all of the tools to success that I need to build my leadership and professional skills.
I think that my teamwork and determination would make me a great candidate for a job. I have both from being the captain of the cross-country team at my high school. I think my determination would be helpful, and is irreplaceable. Once I start up on something, I don’t quit on it, and will always try to find a way to succeed. I think after being hired I will try to set a new standard for striving for success around the workplace!

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