I am a first-generation college student. I’m a people person with leadership skills with lots of room to grow. I spent most of my time at the Community College of Denver in leadership positions and workshops. That’s where I found my passion to work up close and personal with people, to be able to build a strong trustworthy team. Because I’m so young and have lots of things ahead of me I love to find opportunities to network or receive knowledge from elders who have worked in my future field.

When I’m not working or doing homework I love to swim, cook, or drive. You can always find me researching or reading another book in the library. I’m a futuristic idealist, continually writing new ideas and strategies in my scratch journal.

I have excellent interpersonal skills; I love to meet new people. I learn from everyone I meet. If there’s a life lesson, trick or story, you’d like to share with me feel free to do so!

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