Ms. Drishya Pathak is a passionate environmentalist with a view to bring a social and ecological impact through her work. She believes that protecting the planet is not one individual’s job, but in fact it should be a way of life of each and every person. She loves gardening and has planted several hundreds of plants and trees in and around her society.

She has been a distinguished scholar and has completed her Master’s in Health Management from International Institute of Health Management and Research (2017-2019) and an undergraduate in Microbiology from University of Delhi. She has presented several groundbreaking reports in the area of public health like Universal Health Coverage Civil Society and Community Consultation, Dissemination of WHO Self-Care Guidelines for vulnerable and key population, UNAIDS and APCASO Youth Consultation Project on SDGs, BMGF (Bill and Melinda gates Foundation) MERM (Medical Event Reminder Monitor) Deployment for tuberculosis with USAID. She currently has 4 primary research based manuscripts that are yet to be published.

Her work is not limited to the sector of health as she has an approach of looking at environmental sciences through a public health lens as executed in some of her recent work on Leaching of Chemicals from Plastic Food Contact Materials into Food which was recognized on an international platform. She has previously worked in Nada India Foundation (NIF), which is working with a number of issues to promote health, child and adolescent rights, and drug-free lifestyle.

As an integral part of the Protect Our Planet team, she is on a mission to inspire the youth across the globe to protect and preserve mother earth.

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