My name is Dr. Teresa Haig Nicol. I am a mother of five, two girls and three boys. I live in Albany, New York. Currently, I am the Assistant Principal of Green Tech Middle Charter School, which is an all-male high school, grades six thru eight. I have been a classroom teacher for 32 years. I have been teaching at Green Tech High for the past thirteen years. It has been my experience that many students in urban areas have no interest in furthering their education because they do not believe they can be successful in college. I believe all children are capable of going to and graduating from college. However, our present public educational system needs major changes, and I am a part of that change. I am inspired every day I work by the scholars at Green Tech to not only assist them academic and social growth, but also to continue my own professional development.

I have taught math, social studies, and dance in rural and urban schools for over the past thirty years. My experiences in these school districts have taught me that all students are capable of becoming productive members in society with the right resources and highly qualified teachers. I have worked all of my adult life in education and have successfully improved the educational background of K-12 students, teachers, and parents. My dedication to being a life- long learner has afforded me opportunities to continue my own education.

I have a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and my professional work past and present focuses on training teacher Culturally Responsive Teaching strategies, Classroom Management, Parents as Partners, and Leadership Today and Tomorrow. As a teacher, I believe every student capable of achieving high levels of intellectual development. As an administrator of an urban school, I provide the training and support teachers need to work with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. I am an adjunct professor at Rust College, a historical black college in Mississippi, in the education department.

I love working with children and adults to help make a difference in their lives aa they certainly make a difference in my life. I provide community service through voter registration education in my neighborhoods. I spend tie registering voters and working to improve the community with Albany council members. I work with the homeless at our local Mission Society. I love to travel, dance and enjoy teaching with a passion. I use every opportunity I can to continue my own education and I do my best to be an example of that in my own life to help others achieve their goals.

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