Dr. Nader Vadiee represents SIPI in the areas of engineering and engineering technology student outreach and recruitment, education, and research. He has rejoined SIPI as engineering faculty and engineering programs coordinator since August 2004. He has more than 40 years of experience in both academia and industry and has conducted research, solicited funds, designed, supervised, and offered courses in electrical engineering and computer engineering. Dr. Vadiee served as project director of the highly successful undergraduate research program, NASA PURSUE, NASA MURED PAIR Program, at the University of New Mexico. Funded for 4 years at $500k /year, approximately 125 undergraduate and graduate research and educational projects were sponsored. SIPI was a partner school under NASA PURSUE program. Dr. Nader Vadiee had an appointment with the UNM department of electrical and computer engineering as a research associate professor for 1998 – 2005. Dr. Nader Vadiee also serves as on the New Mexico Math and Science Advisory Council (MSAC). NASA Office Education has awarded the SIPI engineering Program a six-year grant  to build a “Information Technology Experiences using a Simulated Tele-science Robotics Exploration of Mars” Program. SIPI received the Toyota Tribal College and University STEM Award in 2017 in recognition of the pre-engineering programs incorporation of hands-on and inter-generational learning in STEM programs and research. Finally, Dr. Nader Vadiee, Engineering Program Coordinator, was bestowed the inaugural “Digital Inclusion Award” in 2017 by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) and GlobalMindED. He was recognized for his student focus, involvement in using technology for students’ personal and professional development, and encouraging data on STEM graduation rates and retention with under-served student populations. Dr.Nader Vadiee was selected as the 2009 Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation of New York.

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