Dr. Brown is a Founder of Great Ball of Light Inc and President of Scorpion Inc. He has over 30 years of experience in Corporate and Government service driving Innovative Research, Team building, Systems Development, and Worldwide Operations. Kevin is an inventor who also brings senior executive-level leadership, entrepreneurship, and hands-on experience in developing and delivering breakthrough technologies, products, and operational capabilities. He earned a Ph.D. developing finite sequences for communications at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

Kevin was born in Miami, Florida, and is the youngest of three siblings. He grew up in a lively and colorful home that treasured family, respect for others, and learning above all else. In his formative years, he lived a hallmark experiment of integration where his black neighborhood elementary school was integrated by children bussed in from other neighborhoods. He credits this experiment not for its educational accomplishment but for his learning to build productive and enduring relationships with people of all walks. He credits the constant challenge of his mother’s intellect and his father’s keen philosophical approach to just about everything, for creating an environment that gave him the confidence to experiment and the freedom to grow. There were no questions in his home that did not find a question in return.

Kevin has led numerous ventures from space navigation to developing new energy storage materials. He is known to move adeptly across disciplines and from abstract to practical in search of advocates and solutions. He is also known never to be a stranger to a great idea. In every venture, his purpose is to break with the norm to develop new and meaningful solutions, often where there is no commonly accepted likelihood of success. Kevin believes that business ventures without a purpose for humanity have vanishing value. He views resolving the critical issues of resilience and creating opportunities for all should not just move us to greater incremental effectiveness but become foundational in mainstream living. Great education and life long learning should be a part of mainstream living. Kevin has given his support to issues from the ecology and human resilience to human trafficking. Closer to home, he supports in-depth mentoring, music therapy, affordable housing, and the arts. Ventures built on new ideas and human impact are Kevin’s driving focus and where he continues to seek new commitments and out of this world solutions.

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