My official title is medical doctor, but I won’t ever be the friendly neighborhood “Doc” practicing on the frontline.

In addition to attending medical school my experiences have been varied and extensive – educator, mentor, researcher, streamer, youtuber, and dancer (I have videos of past performances if you think you can handle some fire choreo).

We all find our own best way to impact the world positively.

I believe that we all appreciate a “personal touch”. Going the extra mile or just taking one extra second can make a world of difference. We love to say about any encounter “Wow, I felt really taken care of. They really heard me and my needs.”

As a medical student, I took the time to really know all of my patients. Not just what brings them into the hospital, but what makes them “tick”. Their hopes and fears become your own and you advocate and care for people. This is not unique to medicine.

My studies and advanced degree mean I have the skills to succeed in any position and any field that values problem-solving, inquisitiveness, collaboration, leadership, process improvement, and clear communication. Topped off with a little bit of my personal touch and that extra mile (or 11 miles uphill both ways if you want to hear a good story).

Shoot me an email jblackwood@alum.mit.edu if you ever want to chat about careers, medical school, or opportunities.

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