Dima serves as the Associate Director for the Technology Integration Division at the Defense Language Institute (DLIFLC) in Monterey, CA. She holds an Ed.D. in Education-eLearning and her dissertation addressed peer conflict in diverse academic teams, and she also holds an MBA. Dima is the founder of the Coaching and Motivation Room where she provides life coaching services to support both professional and personal growth to a diverse community of professionals. As an Associate Professor, Dima is always seeking educational and professional venues to exchange values and share experiences. She conducted action research focusing on the effectiveness of Diagnostic Assessment training and approaches to support differentiated instructions. She offered trainings in various academic platforms including ACTFL, CLTA, CLTA-Jamboree, and SOWLE. She wrote multiple articles that were published in the Dialog on Language Learning Instructions addressing motivation, resilience, and growth mindset and managing the impact of covid-19. As an immigrant herself, Dima understood early on the challenges that the immigrants face when they first arrive to the US. Accordingly, she worked at the Arab American Community Center for Economic and Social Services in Ohio where she served immigrant communities, helped bridge the diversity gap, advocated for equality, and raised awareness to end discrimination practices through educational programs and events.

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