Dr. Ash Pachauri has a Ph.D. in decision behavior and a master’s degree in international management. Having worked with McKinsey & Company before pursuing a career in the social development arena, Dr. Pachauri’s experience in the fields of public health and management emerges from a range of initiatives including those of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH, UNDP, IPPF, and CDC program interventions in the US.

Dr. Pachauri has been engaged in information technology for development, education, and geo-informatics. A master trainer in behavior change communications and strategic leadership. Dr. Pachauri has led over 20,000 workshops, events, and activities globally, reaching out to the youth and communities to promote health and sustainable development.

Widely published, winner of the prestigious Overseas Research Scholarship, awarded for advanced studies in the U.K. and recognized for his academic achievements, Dr. Pachauri pursues interests in research and teaching through ongoing collaboration with universities and institutions. A certified knowledge expert on self-education, he runs his own video blogs, while teaching and training via online platforms. Dr. Pachauri has been recognized by the United Nations for his dedication and leadership in their flagship publication “Portraits of Commitment”. He is on the Boards and Advisory groups of several organizations worldwide.

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